palads og cylinder

Mika Persdotter: viola / Timothée Quost: trumpet, electronics / Asger Thomsen: double bass

Perfect Volume
Gianluca Elia: tenor saxophone, objects / Szymon Pimpon Gasiorek: drums, objects / Asger Thomsen: double bass, objects

Perfect Volume is an experimental trio focusing on acoustic noise and static sonic environments. It began as a duo of Elia and Thomsen who released their debut album in 2018.

Solo kvarterhuset

Asger Thomsen: double bass, objects

AT playing the double bass with and without preparations, dealing with the many possibilities of structure and sounds – small and big. Acoustic and freely improvised. Energetic and intuitive.

Cassette tape released by Insula Jazz, 2017


Our Hearts As Thieves
Eliot Cardinaux: piano, poetry / Jonas Engel: alto saxophone / Etienne Nillesen: prepared snare drum / Asger Thomsen: double bass, objects

This is a live album recorded the 12th of September 2017 in Cologne featuing poet/pianist Eliot Cardinaux (USA), alto saxophonist Jonas Engel (DE), drummer Etienne Nillesen (NL), and bass player Asger Thomsen (DK).

In September 2017 bass player Asger Thomsen invited Eliot Cardinaux to go on a tour in Europe to play with local musicisians in different cities. This album serves as documentation of a concert they did for a small crowd at Kunstwerk in Cologne featuring alto saxophonist Jonas Engel and drummer Etienne Nillesen who plays a particular extended snaredrum setup here. They didn’t make a lot of decisions before playing, but there was an immediate connection between the four, finding common ground in an ambient-acoustic approach, embracing extended techniques and prepared sounds on their instruments while giving space to Eliot’s voice which serves as a narrative anchor throughout the set. The music is abstract, dynamic, and expressive, filled with complex textures blending in and out of each other, sometimes making it hard to distinguish who’s playing what. Listening back to it a year after it was played it still sounds fresh to us, so now we would like to share it with you.


Eliot Cardinaux: piano, poetry / Jeppe Høi Justesen: drums / Asger Thomsen: double bass

Having met during a two-week festival stint in Boston organized by their pianist in conjunction with Danish drum legend Kresten Osgood, and later again at a festival put together by their bassist in Copenhagen, Asger Thomsen, Eliot Cardinaux, and Jeppe Høi Justesen are naturally inclined to support one another. Much of their music is loose, the ensemble’s warmth and conversational approach to free improvisation threading a dialogue through the many resilient personae of their poet’s palette.

This is anti-fascist free-punk. Played on acoustic instruments, with lots of screeching bows, clanging on the inner-strings; and no bells and whistles. Well, some actually. And Speechgrenades. Yep, you heard it. Explosive outbursts to outlie the times.

It’s Beefheart and Tom Waits meets Melt Banana sitting in the back row of a Keith Jarrett concert in Japan. And it’s going to do you some good.

In Autumn 2018 they will release their debut album ‘Six Feet On Solid Ground’.


Den Polyvalente Hjelm
Tomasz Dabrowski, trumpet /Henrik Pultz Melbye, saxophone / Jeppe Zeeberg, piano / Rune Lohse, drums / Asger Thomsen, double bass, compositions

Den Polyvalente Hjelm is a danish quintet based in Copenhagen, led by bass player/composer Asger Thomsen. All the members of the band are highly active in today’s improv scene, playing in various projects. The music is at a higher level due to the variety of personalities in the band, balancing between beauty and ugliness, complexity and simplicity, freedom and structure.

Debut album released in 2016.

foto: Anders Børup

Niklas Fite: guitar, banjo / Isak Hedtjärn: clarinet / Asger Thomsen: double bass

Fite/Hedtjärn/Thomsen is a Swedish/Danish trio uniting three dedicated improvisors from Stockholm and Copenhagen. In a chamber-like setting and with a deep love for the tradition of European free improvisation they explore the possibilities of open-ended music embracing silence and otherworldly sounds.
Isak Hedtjärn is an immersive, virtuos clarinettist playing with bands such as Festen and Fire! Orchestra. Niklas Fite is a swedish guitarist with a very fresh and mature approach to his acoustic guitar and banjo, despite his young age. Asger Thomsen is a bass player with a physical, detail-oriented approach and a rich palette of sounds – often with the use of preparations and extended techniques.


Mia Dyberg Trio
Mia Dyberg, alto sax, clarinet, objects, composition / Asger Thomsen, double bass, composition / Dag Magnus Narvesen, drums

Freejazz inspired by William Burroughs’s cut-ups and poetry readings. Their album ‘Ticket!’ is released by Clean Feed, 2018.

photo: Christina Marx

Nana Pi, tenor saxophone and objects / Asger Thomsen, double bass and objects

Improvising duo using objects and extended techniques.

Nacho Cordoba: electronics / Asger Thomsen: double bass, objects