Eliot Cardinaux: piano, voice, poetry
Asger Thomsen: double bass, objects
Jeppe Høi Justesen: drums, percussion


Cardinaux, Justesen, and Thomsen met in Boston, 2015, and will reunite to play concerts and record in Copenhagen, September/October, 2016.

Pianist, composer, poet, improviser Eliot Cardinaux has worked in the free-music and avant-garde world for over 10 years. His piano sound is characterized by a light-handed touch and tone. His attention to detail in his work is exhibited in the editing process he has developed for his poetry, much like his process for composing, or mixing an album in the studio. His love and study of many musics as well as poetries, but specifically those which innovate, has helped him grow both lyrically and imagistically in his writing and his music.

Jeppe Høi Justesen (drums) and Asger Thomsen (double bass) have both been living in Copenhagen for a couple of years collaborating in various projects, mostly dealing with modern improvised music. They are both young players with an open approach to music inspired by free jazz as well as contemporary classical music and through their pesistent search for fresh sounds they have established a strong interplay.