Albert Cirera: saxophone/objects
Asger Thomsen: double bass/objects
Taus Bregnhøj-Olesen: electric guitar/circuit bent effect pedals

Free improv/electro-acoustic noise trio

The Danish-Catalan trio THE MOMS delivers an uncompromising take on modern improvised music in the borderland between free improv and noise. With idiosyncratic approaches to the instruments, the trio creates a spectacular freak-show. The prepared double bass and saxophone fuses with the sounds of guitar and home-built effect pedals.
In 2020, THE MOMS released their debut album ‘Kalipedia’ – a nearly 40-minute-long chunk of tumbling turmoil that has received excited reviews from a wide range of international music critics.

“The Moms do intend to grab you and offer a twisted but surprisingly meditative experience, pushing your mind through a dark but eventful void. This intense journey guarantees that you may explore new and sometimes even torturing colors and shades within the ever-expanding sonic universes of the saxes, double bass and guitar.”

– Eyal Hareuveni //

“It is strong and intense. It is one of the rare kind of records where during the forty minutes that pass, you achieve lasting changes as a listener.”

– Niels Overgaard // JazzNyt

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Kalipedia is the debut release of Copenhagen-based textural noise/free improv trio The Moms. Manipualating conventional instruments in self-invented unorthodox ways the trio creates an ever-changing music that grabs you and invites you in. It’s 39 minutes and 34 seconds of music without breaks and it’s ripply! There’s no soothing melodies or calming new-age harmonies, yet it can be a meditative experience if you accept the push and let your mind slip through the void.

Release June 9th 2020


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